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Getting a new puppy can be overwhelming, and it's so important that we use the crucial first few months to set them up to be happy, confident, well-adjusted adults. 


- Four 1 hour training sessions on a 1:1 basis.

- We will work on teaching life skills, addressing common puppy behaviours, and basic training.  

-  Summary emails after each session.

- Ongoing phone and email support.



Whether your dog is a puppy or a golden oldie, we will look at teaching behaviours and life skills that are relevant to your life together. 


- A pre-session phone/video call.

- An hour long 1:1 training session.

- An email summary. 

- Ongoing phone and email support. 

Initial session - £60

Subsequent sessions - £45 p/h


Whether you are considering adopting a puppy or a rescued, retired or re-homed dog, this will help you make sure that you are completely prepared for the practical elements of dog ownership, including the more challenging parts! 

This can be done in person or on a video call. 



This is an in-depth analysis of your dog's behaviour and a tailored training plan for specific behavioural issues, such as reactivity or separation anxiety. This generally takes between 1-2 hours.



- An in-depth discussion and assessment of your dog's behaviour.

- If appropriate, practical training. 

- Implementation of a tailored training plan. 

- A detailed follow up report.

- A 30 minute follow up session.

- Ongoing phone and email support.  


Subsequent sessions - £50 p/h

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